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R4I New Standalone Card 1.43
R4I New Standalone Card 1.43
R4I SDHC For 3DS R4I 1.4.4 Compatible
R4I SDHC For 3DS   R4I  1.4.4 Compatible
R4I Ver 1.4.1
R4I Ver 1.4.1
TTDS Standalone Card
TTDS Standalone Card
Acekard 2I - DSI 1.4.1/2/3 Compatible.- DS/XL
Acekard 2I -  DSI 1.4.1/2/3  Compatible.-  DS/XL

UK s NO 1 Trusted Seller, for DS DSI DSIXL and 3DS

3-5 Day UK Delivery - Royal Mail

Authorised UK distributor for Acekard--

Now DSI 1.4.4 - 3DS 3DS XL upto version 4.3 Compatible

30 Day Money Back Replacement Guarantee

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NINTENDO DSI Memory Card , R4 Cards,  Acekard 2I, R4I New SDHC 


We want you to be happy with your purchase.- for a quick review of some of our cards
DS MEMORY CARD quick overview by brand name

THE ORIGINAL R4- Limited to 2gb Micro card- and doesnt do home brew or wi-fi but still a great place to start for DS gaming ,Upstaged by the more recent cards on the market but if you just want basic stand up gaming on the DS , you wont go wrong with the Original. King of cards.

THE ORIGINAL R4 SDHC- Exactly the same as above for the DS just with extra power to handle a 16gb micro card

THE TTDS-  The first competitor to the r4 for the ds console , with 16gb capacity it added homebrew capability and ebooks and wi-fi

DSI CARD quick overview by brand

One of the great things is if you buy a DSI card  it will work on both the  DSI console  and the DS Console , unfortunately this is not the case with a DS card they only work on the DS

THE ORIGINAL R4I exactly the same functions as the original r4 for and does everyting in the exactly the sameway as an original r4 . only now, works on DS AND DSI and has the 16 gb capacity

THE TTDSI The first competitor against the r4i for the TTDSI team icon display ,instead of text, and slightly quicker loading times 

THE ACEKARD 2I- One of the first  to be DSI 1.4 Compatible ( using 3rd party software/kernel) which turned out ot be fantastically stable.and sales went through the roof

Then you move on to the latest.  Supercard DSONEI , R4I-SDHC NEW ,   EZ FLASH ,  and Very latest. Supercard DSTWO . - Which we think is the very best  These are  fully loaded with upto the minute latest addons. check out the product pages fore more info.

Take a look round , if you find what you need great stuff, just place an order and we,ll send it next day, if your not sure send us an email or give us a call. We are here till 7.30 pm and are happy to talk to you. Your in the right place for a Nintendo memory card.



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R4I Sdhc NEW 4GB
R4I Sdhc NEW 4GB
You Save: £4.80

SuperCard 16GB
SuperCard 16GB

DSTWO 2GB SUPERCARD- The ultimate in memory card technology
DSTWO  2GB SUPERCARD-  The ultimate in memory card technology

R4 2GB
R4 2GB

R4I SDHC For 3DS 1.4.5 8GB
R4I SDHC For 3DS 1.4.5  8GB

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